Kids' Day Camp: Museums

Museums are magical places, that can transport you back in time and around the world. This one-day camp will be meeting of curious minds, ready for this imaginative travel. The camp will be a dynamic exploration of all the nooks and crannies of the Royal BC Museum, with a kid-driven pop-up exhibition at the end of the day.

Kids’ Day Camp: Maya

This one-day, wild ride of inquiry about Maya culture will be for all kids that want to get their hands dirty. The focus of the camp will be on experiential archaeology, exploring what we can learn about cultures through the belongings that were meaningful to them and what that understanding can tell us about our own culture.

Mini-Maya Camp

This morning camp is an opportunity for the littlest archaeologists among us is to explore Maya culture. Through games and stories connected to this fascinating civilization, our play-based camp will be both surprising and fun.

Camp Care

Registered campers who need care before and/or after regular camp times of 9:00am - 4:00pm may sign up. To register for camp care, complete your camp registration first and then select "Continue Ordering" before you finish your order.

Spring Break Camp: Bizarre Beasts

British Columbia supports an incredible diversity of animals, and some of them are wonderfully weird. This camp will take a look at some of the stranger ones, exploring why they are the way they are. Using the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition as a jumping-off point, campers will even construct their own bizarre beast. The camp will be hands-on in the museum galleries, in the natural history collection and out in nature, while we all embrace our inner weirdness.

Camp Maya

Great pharaohs like Khufu and Tutankhamun are iconic in our understanding of Ancient Egyptian culture. But what about regular people  did they have a role in building such a powerful society? Of course they did. Each individual played an important part in the foundation of the Egyptian civilization, from constructing the pyramids to farmland maintenance. Join us this summer to travel back in time and discover the ancient world, with the exhibition Egypt: The Time of the Pharaohs as our portal.

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