Educational Programs

Educational programs focus on human history and natural history of British Columbia.

Onsite Lab: Indigenous Innovations

Target Audience: Grade 6-12

Explore a variety of Indigenous innovations and technologies practiced by First Nations' peoples of BC. While sharing and discussing, RBCM's Indigenous Learning Program Developer will highlight three to four innovations and practices of BC First Nations with the visual support of objects and images.

Onsite Lab: Natural History

Target Audience: Grade k-12

Spend an hour with a museum educator in the Natural History gallery and focus on a related subject of your choice. Anything from insects, life in a tidepool, changing climates to adaptations in a rainforest.

Digital: Amazing Adaptations

Target audience: K-3
Tuesdays 2:00pm, Thursdays 9:00am

Plants and animals have features (body parts) and behaviours that help them survive. These are called adaptations. Learn about some BC animals and the amazing ways they survive and thrive in our local environments through this visit to the natural history gallery.

Digital: BC's Gold Rush

Target audience: Grade 4 (can be adapted for adult audience)
Tuesdays 1:00pm, Thursdays 2:00pm

BC's Gold Rush: In 1858, when gold was discovered in the Fraser River, what is now known as British Columbia became a destination for hopeful miners from around the world. For every gold seeker who rushed here, there were factors that drove them from their homelands and dreams that enticed to a new and foreign place. The impacts of the gold rush on British Columbia were large, and lasting.

Digital: Indigenous Technology - Spindle Whorl

Target audience: All ages and abilities
Tuesdays 10:00am, Thursdays 11:00am and 1:00pm

Explore the spindle whorl as an important Indigenous tool and technology practised by First Nations' peoples in what is now known as British Columbia. While sharing and discussing the spindle whorl and weaving techniques, RBCM's Indigenous Learning Program Developer will highlight three to four weaving techniques practiced by BC First Nations  artists with visual support of objects, images and video.

Digital: Meet the Mammoth

Target audience: Grade 1, 3 and 4 (can be adapted for adult audience)
Thursdays 10:00am

Learn about the Ice Age and the Woolly Mammoths who lived there. Using images, video and objects we will learn about how Woolly Mammoths adapted to survive in the Ice Age. There are lots of opportunities for questions and interaction.

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