IMAX Theatre Visit

IMAX: Wingsuit Flyers - The Science of Flight

The quest to fly like a bird, unaided by machine has captured the imagination of humankind as long as we have been gazing upon the world’s natural flyers. Wingsuit flight provides us with the chance to experience what it would be like to fly like a bird. Along with the world’s top wingsuit flyers and with the help of ever evolving wingsuit technology, audiences will be able to take flight from the highest points in Europe, soar over landscapes in Moab that resemble Mars, fly above the Great Barrier Reef and then land on it. The film will feature incredible footage from POV helmet cameras, drones, and specially designed helicopter rigs. From 18000 feet, we will also dive off into principles of flight, aerodynamics and materials engineering.

Run time 45min. Rated G.

IMAX: 3D Cities of the Future

Imagine stepping 50 years into the future and finding smart cities designed to be totally sustainable. Renewable energy is our primary power source, space-based solar power provides solar energy 24 hours a day, everything is recycled, and you travel in individualized pods that run on little or no energy. This isn´t science fiction. Engineers are making plans for a sustainable world right now, and it's coming to the giant screen!

Run time 40min. CC. Rated G.

IMAX: 3D Blue Whales - Return of the Giants

Blue Whales: Return of the Giants 3D takes viewers on a journey of a lifetime to explore the world of the magnificent blue whale, a species rebounding from the brink of extinction. Following two scientific expeditions—one to find a missing population of blues off the exotic Seychelles Islands, the other to chronicle whale families in Mexico’s stunning Gulf of California—the film is an inspirational story that transforms our understanding of the largest animal ever to have lived.

Run time 44min. CC. Rated G.

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