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IMAX: 3D A Beautiful Planet - French

Special Screening Presented in French - A bord de de la Station Spatiale Internationale, la planète Terre prend une autre dimension et la vie un autre sens. Les spectateurs de La Géode deviennent les occupants provisoires de l’ISS. Astronautes émerveillés,fascinés et pensifs en regardant la Terre, ils partagent l’expérience de leurs alter ego à 350 km d’altitude, imaginant alors vivre les conditions extrêmes de leur séjour… pendant 47 minutes, intenses, en immersion totale au sein de la thermosphère et dans la station spatiale. Run Time 47 min. Rated G

Museum & IMAX 3D 45-minute Film

Purchase this combination for the Royal BC Museum exhibits and one IMAX 3D 45-minute film.

Museum & IMAX 45-minute Film

Purchase this combination for the Royal BC Museum exhibits and one IMAX 45-minute film.

Museum & IMAX 3D Hollywood Feature

Purchase this combination for the Royal BC Museum exhibits and one IMAX 3D Hollywood Feature film.

Museum & IMAX Hollywood Feature

This combination includes the Royal BC Museum exhibits and one IMAX Feature length film.

Camp Care

Registered campers who need care before and/or after regular camp times of 9:00am - 4:00pm may sign up. To register for camp care, complete your camp registration first and then select "Continue Ordering" before you finish your order.

Spring Break Camp: Bizarre Beasts

British Columbia supports an incredible diversity of animals, and some of them are wonderfully weird. This camp will take a look at some of the stranger ones, exploring why they are the way they are. Using the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition as a jumping-off point, campers will even construct their own bizarre beast. The camp will be hands-on in the museum galleries, in the natural history collection and out in nature, while we all embrace our inner weirdness.

Museum Happy Hour

Drink, eat, meet and explore. Enjoy one-night-only themed events and activities for adults in one of our core galleries


Home Learners Series

The Archaeology of Spaces - In this fall home learners block, we will explore the unique spaces left behind by the ancient Egyptians. We will examine the preservation of structures and how environmental factors impact their endurance, especially in contrast to the conditions in other areas across the globe. Home learners will also have an opportunity to create their own space or structure that should stand the test of time.

Night at the Museum Sleepover - Family

Our next family Night at the Museum will be a spooky October evening among the pharaohs, inspired by the Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs exhibition. Come spend the night as an ancient Egyptian as we build pyramids, decode secret hieroglyphic messages, explore the wonder of the ancient Egyptian night sky and mummify a few vegetables! Youth must be accompanied by an adult. 10% discount for members.

BC Archives Pub Quiz

Celebrate Archives Week with a pint during our traditional British style pub quiz. Questions will relate to our collections or BC History, but you don’t have to be an expert in either to join in the fun! Bring a team or join a group when you arrive.

Early Shift: Party Like It’s 1999 (BC)

On the last day of 2018, join us in the Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs exhibition at a party fit for the gods. Our annual family-oriented party will be an ancient frolic, with music, activities and games for all ages.

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